Brooker Associates is definitely as good as it gets! They just completed a wood repair project on a 138 unit HOA I manage and the job went beyond smoothly. Not one compliant from a single homeowner and the work is top notch!!!
-Wendy Mullens, Property Manager at Balboa for Courtside HOA

Our first time using Brooker was on a 100K custom construction project of wood pergolas at our Association pool. The quantity of multi-angle miter cuts on 8 inch thick beams was mind boggling. Not a single piece of wood had a simple cut.
— Three years later we just had the five pergolas inspected. We did not need to caulk any of the 500 or so joints. the product is holding up very well.

Since then they have very satisfactorily completed numerous smaller jobs for us.
-Mike Kubas, Property Manager at Elite Property Services for Cape Ann

Looking forward to working with you again. You and your great crew always make me look good.
-Bob Wilhelm for the Galerie HOA Board of Directors

Thank you for the wonderful project.  As I have said previously, I received nothing but compliments on the work and the staff that was here. I can truly say: It was a pleasure doing business with you!!
-Robin Evans for Meadow Hills HOA Board of Directors

I want to share with you the comments the Board and I received at the Board meeting last night.  Aside from the minor follow up needed, the overall sentiment of the group of homeowners was that they were extremely pleased with the professionalism of the repair crew and painting crew.  The homeowners commented that the crew was courteous, quiet, worked all day, and cleaned up all work areas daily as if no construction work was in process.  The homeowners were very complimentary.  Their delightfulness made it much easier to ask for the special assessment. They saw the value that Brooker Associates provided.  While the election has not finalized, I believe that your assistance has helped us tremendously. This is my opinion and I am sure that the Board concurs.
-Wail Poon, Property Manager at Keystone Pacific for Big Canyon Villas  

The trellis work at both pools looks great!  Please tell Brooker and get them paid! They could be a great new supplier.
-John Hennessy for Malvern Creek HOA Board of Directors

I want to compliment the workers on an outstanding job.  I am very pleased on how courteous and hardworking they all are.  Thank you and a pat on the back to all.
-Paul Gonzales for Cimarron Oaks VII Board of Directors